Microsoft Virtual Academy: A Deep Dive into Nano Server

You can’t have missed it: Windows Server 2016 has an extra deployment type, apart from Full Server (with Desktop Experience) and Server Core.
This deployment option is called Nano Server.

Find out how Nano Server is the fastest booting, most cloud-optimized Windows Server version yet, thanks to knowledge gained running Microsoft Azure datacenters at hyper scale. Learn how to build, deploy, and manage Nano Server to increase speed and agility, tighten security, decrease resource consumption, and boost ROI in the integrated datacenter and into the cloud. Get an introduction to Nano Server, explore managing Nano Server with PowerShell and with Remote Server Management tools, and learn troubleshooting tips. Check out this course, and help free your IT team and infrastructure for more pressing activities!

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Nano Server 
  • Preliminary Results
  • Getting started with Nano Server
  • Deploying Nano Server
  • Introduction to Nano Server Remote Management
  • Managing Nano Server with PowerShell
  • Managing Nano Server with Remote Server Management Tools
  • Troubleshooting Nano Server with Setup and Boot Eventlog
  • Troubleshooting Nano Server with the Emergency Console
  • Developers and Applications
  • Windows Server Installer

Find here.


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